Revelana Onboarding

If you're new to Revelana, WELCOME! Watch the tutorials below to get you started and set up with your account!

Welcome to Revelana!

When you get sign on, you also get a one-hour Zoom onboarding call, and 24/7 support.

• Please be sure to get organized with all your Stripe, Google, and Social Media login information before you get on your onboarding call! (You might even want to switch all these accounts over to your primary business email if they are not already! - Start on a clean and fresh foundation.)

• You will also need your IRS EIN form handy, because we have to register your business with the carriers to keep you a safe text sender in the carriers eyes. (Registration info has to match exactly, so please have the document handy)

You also get 24/7 chat, email, and Zoom support, and how that works is shown in the video. This video also shows you why it's important you're using your professional email, and keeping it consistently used in accounts like Stripe, or anything Revelana integrates with, and potential workarounds.

Find a time that works on the schedule for you, and use the time well!!! The more you learn, master Revelana, the more fun, automated client nurturing, and success you'll be able to enjoy!

Step-by-step checklist for setting up your Revelana account

WE COVERED IT ALL! This video includes every single step you need to complete once you've got your login. We've also broken down these steps for you below. We've got your back - don't forget, baby steps!

Initial Setup

If you don't already have a business name, domain purchased, and professional email account set up, this is one of the first things you should do!

Get your Google Workspace set up and buy your Biz Domain while you're in there, then connect them.

Go to and login to your Revelana account!

Once you login, every time you go to the site and click on Login, it'll let you right in.

When you log in you'll land on the dashboard. Click on Settings to get to the first nav.

• Then, get those domains connected to the Revelana system >

If you have a domain already and it's hosting a website, they can sit tight until we're ready to go live!

• Get your phone number >

This gets you a business phone number that also acts as your text marketing service. Forward that phone number to your cell. You can send and receive texts and receive phone calls on it. You will also be setting up your voicemail system!

• Fill in your Business Info >

• Set up your Staff >

• Get all your social biz pages set up including your Google Biz Page so you can have a maps link and a reviews link!

• Set up your Integrations >

• Set up your Reputation Management (Google Reviews) link >

Setting Up Your CRM

All tags are set up for you, and they're fully customizable.

We automatically set up your email marketing for you, and all the email templates are ready for you.

Switch over to other nav, then go to the Contacts tab - your CRM

• Set up your Contacts >

Go to the Calendars tab

• Set Up Your Calendar >

Go to the Payments tab

• Set up Payments >

You'll want your Stripe set up if you want to charge people or if you want to run click and buy campaigns on treatment specials or product specials.

Go to the Automations tab

• Set up your Automations >

Setting Up Your Site

Go to the Sites tab

• Set up and customize your funnels >

We have plenty of template options for you to choose from. Definitely check and make sure they look how you want and match your branding. If you've purchased Revelana Setup, no sweat, we've done all of this for you.

• Set up and customize your forms >

We've built all your forms for you, but definitely check and make sure they look how you want and are sending to who you want them to go to. If you've purchased Revelana Setup, no sweat, we've done all of this for you.

Bonus Tips!

Especially if you've hired us to do all your setup: Your Onboarding Form > 

Here is an onboarding video for going live.

• When you're ready to set up your website, this success guide helps hone you in like a charm! Planning Your Website Success Guide > 

• Find out if your equipment suppliers have back door logins to their imagery (creative assets), and product and treatment descriptions we should be using.

Otherwise, I’ll search Google for those particular images and descriptions. (We never paste descriptions. We always write “unique copy” for you so you can stand out and rank).

Revelana Features

Everything you can do with Revelana!

New Client Orientation Video

Welcome to your Revelana account. Here we unpack everything in your account, what it means, and what you should get done (and why!)

Download the LeadConnector app to have Revelana on your mobile device!

Please download the LeadConnector app for mobile devices once your Revelana system is launched. This is another failsafe to make sure communications through online forms, your social channels, patient checkins, calls and missed calls, chats... whatever it might be, doesn't fall through the cracks! You can get alerts and respond while you're on the go!

Initial Tech Setup

Everything you need to do before you go live!

Set up your business info in Revelana

Now that you have your Revelana login information, where do you start? Fill in your business info, and get your phone number!

Add your team in Revelana

This video shows you how to set up My Staff in your Revelana system and why you want to set it up this way.

Set up your Workspace email

If you're still using free gmail, yahoo, aol, get Gmail Workspace for $6/month now please! THEN, point your business domain to your Workspace email account and integrate your professional email with Revelana!

You can buy your domain in this process too!

When you buy your domain through Google, it's easier to connect to your Workspace account too!

Hire us if you want us to do all this for you!

Activating your Google Workspace Account with Bluehost

Connect your Bluehost domain to Google Workspace and Revelana. Vital last step!

Activating your Google Workspace Account with GoDaddy

Connect your GoDaddy domain to Google Workspace and Revelana. Vital last step!

Set up your Revelana phone number

The phone number allows Revelana to send a text to a client with a warm message if you miss a call, allows you to text during webchats, and enables your text marketing. This number also enables a robust phone system you'll love.

Make sure you download the LeadConnector app for mobile for your Revelana system

This video just shows you what the LeadConnector App looks like so you're downloading the right app so you can use your Revelana system on mobile devices. A separate video will teach you how to use it once you have it downloaded!

Add your domain to Revelana

We HIGHLY recommend you do this with an expert customer support human from wherever you have your domain! It helps to watch this video, just to get an over-arching idea of all you need to do!

Please watch this video then call your domain company to help you get your domain pointed to Revelana!

They'll need this: Your A Record value will be: OR your CNAME value needs to be

How to set up your integrations

Integrations sounds scary, but it's really just allowing you to have things like your email and social media communications, flowing through your Revelana CRM, and showing up in your email inbox on all of your devices, and enables you to sell products and services through your website, etc. ENJOY!

Set up your Google Reviews link

Get your reviews link from Google and integrate it into Revelana! This gives people a direct link to easily give you a review. In Revelana, you can customize your reviews requests with your branding and messaging.

Set up your calendar

You will love being able to have clients get on your calendar through Revelana so they can get their reminders, their pre-and post-treatment follow ups, re-book, and more!

The appointments will show in the client's Revelana CRM record, as well as on all the devices you'd like alerted.

Set up your workflows

This video brings Revelana clients through how to review their automated communications... what we call the automations. Hopefully as you watch the video this starts to come together and make a little more sense! The Revelana system will be working FOR you while you work your magic on your clients!

Upload your past list(s) into the Revelana CRM contact list

Plus a bonus re-engagement strategy!


Learn more about setting up your funnels, designing templates, editing your campaigns, and setting functions.

Everything you need to do to set up your Revelana sales funnels

How to review, customize, and prepare your Revelana Funnels for going live 

Email Campaigning

Learn more about designing templates, editing your campaigns, and setting functions.

How to set up and send your email campaigns

We've gone ahead and made you some templates for you to play around with. Make sure your email looks beautiful, all links are linked, and you have the right settings in place.. We'll show you how to press SEND!

Request a video or see our services page!

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