Revelana Tutorials!

Discover everything that Revelana has to offer - we'll walk you through all of these capabilities step-by-step!

Email Campaigning

Learn more about designing templates, editing your campaigns, and setting functions.

Basics of how to use the email template builder

We will walk you through how to get there, how to edit the email templates we've created for you, little hacks we've learned, and how to preview your email before you send!

Your Website

Learn more about designing templates, color, typography, creating and saving sections, adding images, etc.

Basic overview of website template elements

This video gives you a mini-training on how to navigate your website editor, what elements are, and how to edit them.

How to edit your colors and typography on your website

You'll have to set the typography and color palettes on each page of your website. This video walks you through the template editor and how to set all of this up!

How to edit the global sections of your website

This video walks you though what Global Sections are - saved sections of your website, such as your header nav & footer, that are consistent on each page of your website, how to save them, and how to access them.

How to make copy edits to your website in the Revelana builder

Here are the basics on editing your copy (the words) on your Revelana website template!

Your Calendar

Adjust, tweak, and style to fit your exact needs!

Adjusting the details of your calendar

How to adjust your service hours, time slots, and buffer time (or adjust the # of appts allowed per slot!)

Editing your calendar for group treatments

You can increase how many people can book per 1 time slot for +1 or group treatments.

Shortcut for adding a client to your Revelana Calendar

How to add someone to the calendar without the appointment setting system, here's how to fast track adding someone to your calendar!

Opportunities: Keeping your clients in and out of the right workflows

As soon as a client shows up on your calendar, they also show up here in Opportunities. You can "drag them" to specific steps in the pipeline which also adds and removes them through certain automated communications (also called "automations" or "workflows". Only you know when a client is late, shows up, or doesn't show. This requires you to "drag them" and your Revelana system does the rest!

How to add your Google Calendar to Outlook

How to see your appointment calendar in your Outlook account!

Payment Plans and Products

Setting up your payment plans and utilizing Stripe

Creating products in Revelana and connecting to Stripe

How to create products, connecting them to Stripe, and setting up payment plans in Revelana and Stripe.

Can I add a Buy Now Pay Later Payment Plan with Stripe?

Stripe doesn't offer buy now, pay later, but we are able to add a third party integration that takes payments from customers in intervals. Watch this video for more information! We recommend Klarna, because it allows for international payments.

Creating a PayPal account and connecting it to Revelana

When you set up your free business PayPal account, this enables you to take a variety of credit cards, but most importantly, it enables you to offer "Buy Now, Pay Later" to your clients. You get 100% of the cash from the sale right away, and PayPal allows your client to make payments to them. Set up your account here!

Your Phone System

Everything you can do with Revelana!

Send an email or text to your contacts

You can send custom emails and texts directly to your clients - here's how!

How to make a call from your Revelana system

Here's how you can make a call from your desktop with the Revelana phone system!

How the Revelana phone system & Revelana Chat sends you & your patients alerts

How your workflows and your phone number work hand in hand!

A2P Registration for Businesses Texting Must be Completed By the End of August!

This video explains how all businesses using text for communications are required to complete A2P registration, and this is how you do it with Revelana. Revelana makes it easy peasy!

How Revelana helps keep you compliant with SMS/Texting systems

Our Revelana system also has a link shortener. You'll see that in the video about A2P registration, we did not shorten links, which text systems like, but we do have a text shortening system you can implement with your text communications with Revelana. Here's how it works!

Setting Trigger Links for Compliant Texting - Link Shortening in Revelana

This is a video that shows you how to set trigger links for compliant business texting. Trigger links is a way of shortening urls that are friendly with Twilio and all the carriers such as Verizon, TMobile, AT&T..

Everything Else

Revelana or not, here's some guidance on everything under the sun!

Now that my Google Workspace is Set Up - How do I get in?

One way to block bad contact info in your system

Block stalkers or bad clients from SMS / texts, emails & calls!

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