Revelana Tutorials!

Getting started with Revelana

Now that you have your new login information for your Revelana account and the basics are set up for you, it's time to edit the details. We do our best with what we know!

Set up your Workspace email

If you're still using free gmail, yahoo, aol, get Gmail Workspace for $6/month now please! THEN, point your business domain to your Workspace email account and integrate your professional email with Revelana!

You can buy your domain in this process too!

When you buy your domain through Google, it's easier to connect to your Workspace account too!

Hire us if you want us to do all this for you!

How to set up your integrations

Integrations sounds scary, but it's really just allowing you to have things like your email and social media communications, flowing through your Revelana CRM, and showing up in your email inbox on all of your devices, and enables you to sell products and services through your website, etc. ENJOY!

How to add your domain to Revelana

We HIGHLY recommend you do this with an expert customer support human from wherever you have your domain! It helps to watch this video, just to get an over-arching idea of all you need to do!

Please watch this video then call your domain company to help you get your domain pointed to Revelana!

They'll need this: Your A Record value will be: OR your CNAME value needs to be

Set up your business info, my team and set up your phone number in Revelana

Now that you have your Revelana login information, where do you start? Fill in your business info, Set up your users, and get your phone number!

Set up your email and phone number in Revelana

You'll want your email syncing up with Revelana so correspondence also gets entered into that client's Revelana record. It can track how much revenue you make per client, when they're appointments are, and so much more.

The phone number allows Revelana to send a text to a client with a warm message if you miss a call, allows you to text during webchats, and enables your text marketing. This number also enables a robust phone system you'll love.

Set up your calendar

You will love being able to have clients get on your calendar through Revelana so they can get their reminders, their pre-and post-treatment follow ups, re-book, and more!

The appointments will show in the client's Revelana CRM record, as well as on all the devices you'd like alerted.

Upload your past list(s)

Plus a bonus re-engagement strategy!

Set up your workflows

This video brings Revelana clients through how to review their automated communications... what we call the automations. Hopefully as you watch the video this starts to come together and make a little more sense! The Revelana system will be working FOR you while you work your magic on your clients!

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