Revelana Setup Tutorials!

Now that you have your login info, here's a 20-min overview of the most important areas of Revelana to get familiar with.

This video offers a general orientation of almost everything. Many of the following videos go into more detail of each area.

Revelana Setup

Review your account!

Learn more about setting up your Revelana account once we've gotten it all set up for you.

Setup of your Business Information, My Team, and your Revelana phone #

Now that you have your new login information for your Revelana account and the basics are set up for you, it's time to edit the details, and set up your phone number, your calendar, your time zone, integrate it with your social media, integrate with your professional email, and if you're still using free gmail, yahoo, email, get Gmail Workspace for $6/month now please:) Then integrate your professional email with Revelana!

Email template review

Now that your website, email templates and basics have been set up, please get familiar with your email templates, edit whatever you're comfortable doing yourself, and we can do some changes for you during our next 1:1 with you!

Automations review

This video brings our full service Revelana clients through how to review their automated communications...what we call the automations. Hopefully as you watch the video this starts to come together and make a little more sense! The Revelana system will be working FOR you while you work your magic on your clients!

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