Whether you want to build and grow a new practice, or better-organize and automate your existing practice

… we've got you covered!

Revelana is a total solution for aesthetics and beauty practices.

From logo development, to mentorship, technical and creative support, we provide everything you'll need, with a system you won't outgrow.

  • A CRM - keeps your client information well organized

  • Email templates & automated nurtures that keep clients warm

  • Biz phone number & 2-way texting* with automated nurtures

  • Sales funnel templates with automated nurtures

  • A membership management system

  • A reputation management & referral rewards systems

  • Website webchat widget

  • A robust appointment setting & reminder system

  • A phone system with prompts & call center capabilities

  • The ability to very easily set up ecommerce

  • Ongoing industry-specific mentorship

  • Personalized, pre-written templates for everything!

If you know you need all this automation now, go for it!

Creating and managing a practice can be overwhelming.

How do the most successful owners start?

Baby steps!

Here's our startup protocol:

1) Your logo and branding - for sure!

Branding is your story, your vibe, and a look you must live up to. When it's done right, your brand speaks for you, helps you open doors, and capture market share.

You'll love our creative team –

✔ You get a 1:1 brainstorming and mentor session

✔ We design a logo for you that you LOVE

✔ We create a branding kit for all your marketing channels

✔ Your vision comes to life - all for a small flat fee!

✔ You have creative assets, brand fonts, and hex/RGB colors for life

✔ You'll love having these assets for results in your print marketing too!

Get it all done by our pros >

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2) A gorgeous Wordpress website - get ranking

You want a well-structured, Wordpress website. Why Wordpress? Because Google LOVES Wordpress, and nothing ranks higher in search results! We love free, we love hacks, and we KNOW the fastest way to get to the top of the industry is mastering your SEO.

When you build your website with industry mentors, you get:

✔ A responsive website properly structured for optimization

✔ Copywriting guidance and expertise

✔ Secure SSL Hosting for only $10/mo ($120 annually)

✔ Get you off of your old Wix site :)

From here, we can add on whatever you need - web chat, integrations, consult calendars - the sky's the limit. We're here to get you started and build with you as you grow!

Build my website >

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3) Add on smart client communications systems!

Now that you have a gorgeous brand and robust website, let's make it smart, and get it working for you! Yes, we get all this done for you!

Start by folding smart tech into your smart system:

✔ Appointment setting and consult calendars, with custom reminders

✔ A biz phone number with two-way texting and web chat

✔ Email marketing system with pre-written and designed templates

✔ Text marketing system with pre-written and designed templates

✔ GoogleMyBusiness direct integration, and reputation management

✔ Load your client list into the robust Revelana CRM

✔ Personalize your client communications, referral rewards/sales funnels

✔ Integrates with your social media platforms (includes a scheduler too!)

✔ Set up your payments systems (Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay)

✔ Embed our brilliant chat widget and smart forms into your website

✔ Do this with mentors who will protect, educate, and excite you

Baby steps are the key to saving yourself from feeling overwhelmed!

Revelana also includes mentorship guidance all along the way so you'll never feel alone in your growth journey.

Get Revelana end-to-end software system set up! >

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Automate your practice with Revelana

All functions, articulations, and assets have been designed, personalized, and written with a proven science behind it.

This shows most everything except for the Wordpress Websites Revelana works so beautifully with! Oh, and the robust appointment booking system!

Convert your prospects into customers, customers into repeat buyers, and repeat buyers into raving fans!

This video describes a bit more about Revelana & Louology services.

Convert your prospects into customers, customers into repeat buyers, and repeat buyers into raving fans!

This video describes a bit more about Revelana & Louology services.

Expert Capture

features & templates

  • Website webchat

  • Sales funnels

  • Appointment setting

  • Contact us forms

  • Scenario emails & texts

  • Social lead integrations

  • DMs and FB messenger

  • RSVPs

Personalized Rapport

written & automated flows

  • Client Database (CRM)

  • Confirmations & reminders

  • Events announcements

  • RSVP logistics

  • Smart lists

  • Appointment booking

  • Post-care follow-ups

  • Running late

  • Missed appointments

  • Missed calls

  • Re-bookings

  • Thinking about it

  • Grand opening

Close & Revenue

stay organized & flowing

  • Promote & sell services

  • Promote & sell products

  • Click-to-pay & text invoicing

  • VIP Programs

  • Enriching & warm nurtures

  • eCommerce options

  • Power-dialer system

  • Email comms system

  • Chatbot/optional SMS

  • Payment QR code

Ongoing Nurtures

stay connected

  • Event invites

  • Special offers

  • Product announcements

  • Loyalty packs & programs

Growth & Loyalty

touches while you treat

  • Automated post-treatment check-ins

  • Recurring orders or memberships

  • Personalized birthday specials

  • Client anniversary specials

  • Referral rewards system

  • Reputation (reviews) management

You'll save THOUSANDS

of dollars and

HUNDREDS of hours!

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