Don’t you wish there was a ridiculously affordable all-in-one software system – made specifically for aesthetics practices?

Surprise - we've got you covered!

Revelana is a total software solution for aesthetics and beauty practices that automates everything from your client experience to your marketing.

  • Aesthetics-specific website templates and hosting

  • Email templates and automated nurtures that keep clients warm

  • Text marketing* with automated nurtures

  • Sales funnel templates with automated nurtures
  • A membership management system

  • A reputation membership system

  • A CRM - keeps your client information well organized

  • An appointment setting or reminder system
  • A phone system with prompts and call center capabilities

  • The ability to very easily set up ecommerce

  • Ongoing industry-specific mentorship

  • Personalized, pre-written templates for everything!

When you start, you can easily get overwhelmed with how many

choices there are, and how much it all costs!

We're your one-stop marketing and automation shop.

Whether you want to build and grow a new practice, or better-organize and automate your existing practice… this system accomplishes your automation goals.

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Our software is designed specifically to automate beauty, aesthetics, & medspa practices.

It automates all the pieces of your client logistics, phone system, your marketing & more...

Plus, you get an innovative smart website, hosting, & SSL security - the whole shebang!

Set it up right, and convert your prospects into customers, customers into repeat buyers, and repeat buyers into raving fans!

This video describes a bit more about our services.

All functions, articulations, and assets have been designed, personalized, and written with a proven science behind it.

Expert Capture

features & templates

  • Intentional website

  • Sales funnels

  • Appointment setting

  • Contact us forms
  • Scenario emails & texts

  • Social lead integrations

  • DMs and FB messenger

  • RSVPs

Personalized Rapport

written & automated flows

  • Client Database (CRM)

  • Confirmations & reminders

  • Events announcements

  • RSVP logistics

  • Smart lists

  • Appointment booking

  • Post-care follow-ups
  • Running late

  • Missed appointments

  • Missed calls

  • Re-bookings

  • Thinking about it

  • Grand opening

Close & Revenue

stay organized & flowing

  • Promote & sell services

  • Promote & sell products

  • Invoice

  • VIP Programs

  • Enriching & warm nurtures
  • eCommerce options

  • Power-dialer system

  • Email comms system

  • Chatbot/optional SMS

  • Payment QR code

Ongoing LTV Nurtures

stay connected

  • Event invites

  • Special offers

  • product announcements

  • referrals – gentle prods

Growth & Loyalty

Revelana touches while you treat

  • Automated post-treatment check-ins

  • Recurring orders or memberships

  • Personalized birthday specials

  • Client anniversary specials

  • Referral rewards

  • reputation reviews requests

You'll save THOUSANDS of dollars and HUNDREDS of hours!

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